What a strange and difficult world we live in right now, the pandemic we are in brings us daily problems, there’s constantly something to worry about, no wonder so many of us are struggling, I’m really hoping I can help.  I want to help you feel well and thrive, rather than just cope. If you suffer from anxiety, panic attacks, mental health problems, including stress, dull low back ache and insomnia then yoga can give you real relief,  just like it has done for me.  As a teacher I am supportive and uncritical, I love yoga and believe in the transformation it brings, it’s a brilliant antidote to our human problems. My classes are suitable for adults of any gender, they are accessible, with simple but powerful postures gently building strength, as well as breathing exercises and relaxations that will increase your sense of wellbeing and restore your balance & equilibrium.  I am currently teaching via Zoom on Mondays at 11am and 6pm and on Wednesdays at 6.30pm, send me a quick email if you’d like to join me jacqui@calmayoga.co.uk.